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Queen Victoria

Deeside became ‘Royal Deeside’ after Queen Victoria fell in love with the area in 1848. So much so her husband, Prince Albert, purchased Balmoral Castle, nestled in ancient Scot’s pine woods on the edge of the river Dee near Crathes. To this day Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family have kept Victoria’s love affair alive and spend every summer in residence at the Castle.

The river Dee is the main artery of Royal Deeside with it’s sparkling clear waters, full of leaping north Atlantic salmon, flowing from the Cairngorm mountains through some of the world’s most stunning scenery to the North Sea. Soaring eagles, kites and buzzards, grouse moors, peaty highland waters, heather kissed mountains and of course, Queen Victoria’s ‘freedom and peace’ touches all the senses. Once seen, always remembered.

Our Master Blender has produced a fine blended whisky which reflects the warmth, character and all aspects of Royal Deeside. Once tasted, never forgotten.
castle river hill